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Board of Directors & Contacts

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Officers - 2023


Vice President

Corresponding Secretary

Recording Secretary


Board of Directors 

Class of 2023


Michael I. Kaplow

Tom Thuring

Get in Touch

What would you like to do?


Join our organization.

Tell us about an appropriate topic you saw in the media,  or brag about your dogs' accomplishments in the ring or elsewhere.

Ask a question about our Club or the breeds we maintain. We have helpful people for everything!

Share a good idea to help make WKA a better Club than it is already.

Email Joan. She'll send

you the forms and tell

you what to do next.

For our Website, or  Newsletter, email Mike and he will help you share your latest  material.

Our Corresponding Secretary, Joan, will be happy to answer your questions by email.

Our President, Toni  would love to hear your ideas and will respond to you by email ASAP.

Class of 2024

Hal Burton

Claudia Jones

Peter Festa


AKC Delegate


2023 Show Chair



Westbury Social

Webmaster / Newsletter

Peter Festa


Peter Festa

Joan Locker-Thuring

Mike Kaplow

Toni Welkes

Mike Kaplow

Contact MiK
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