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It is said that everything old is new again. This is true, even in the Dog Show world. Our 2023 Twin Shows were successful. 2024 had dire prospects. There were several conditions and financial considerations facing Suffolk County Kennel Club, Big Apple Sporting Society, and Big Apple Working Group Club, and us. There were considerations facing the exhibitors as well. Collectively all these conditions had derailment potential for the eight shows over the three days. Westbury has been doing shows for more than a century, and we weren't about to see all that history undone by a handful of solvable problems. Nor were we about to see dog shows risk disappearing from Long Island.

We now look forward to having a spectacular weekend of events on September 27th, 28th, and 29th, with

Suffolk County Kennel Club, Big Apple Sporting Society, and Big Apple Working Group Club.

ALL show registrations should begin on or about August 13th and end at noon on September 11th.


It took much thoughtful planning and extensive cooperation between us, Suffolk County Kennel Club, and the "Big Apples" [Working and Sporting]. We all faced having our 2024 Point Shows derailed. It took critical phone calls, letters, and in-person meetings before all the effort connected Westbury to our first show site, Old Westbury Gardens [pictured above], and we immediately advised our partner clubs of the good news that we ALL had a new show site for 2024. All four of the clubs have their origins in New York State's Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and we are now the The Fall Cluster at Old Westbury Gardens.

Westbury Kennel Association began producing full shows in 1924 at the Jay Phipps Estate, which was renamed Old Westbury Gardens in 1959. We, and the three other clubs, will now be able to continue there. Our conference with the venue's representative went very smoothly. The three day show event, will have a total of EIGHT conformation shows. AKC sanctioned Scent Trials will be held by SCKC on Sunday, in the Old Westbury Gardens Orchard Hill Barn, which is separate from the Conformation Show area.

All eight Conformation Shows will be open to the public.

We hope to see y'all at Old Westbury Gardens, Long Island's Premiere Dog Show site, for prizes, surprises, and dogs galore, as Westbury returns to Westbury! There is plenty of work to be done by the four clubs in the months ahead. Now the biggest unknown is Mother Nature's weather whims!

Visit Our 2023 Show Gallery: Diversity of Dogs

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