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Westbury Kennel Association
Spared Metro Area Biblical Flooding

Noah's Arc
Noah Cropped.jpg

Friday afternoon, September 29th thru Saturday, September 30th witnessed one of the New York Metro Area's most saturating rain storms ever recorded; as much as 9" in some areas. Ergo three shows out of five* wasn't a total loss! It could have been worse. On Friday, the Big Apple Clubs' shows finished within minutes of the start of the soon-to-be-historic rainfall. On Saturday, Suffolk County Kennel Club, with AKC's approval, had to cancel their portion of the three day Cluster. Westbury lucked out** on Sunday. By the 8:00 AM showtime the field was still a bit wet, and the sky rather gloomy, but it was safe enough to hold the Twin Shows. The weather bonus was that the sun made its appearance after lunch, warming things up, and drying things out.


* Friday the shows were Group Events, and individual dogs cannot compete in both.

** For language fans the expression to luck out is a positive in the USA. In Britain it is a negative!

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