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The Diversity of Dogs & Candid Canids

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We didn't get to all the dogs [especially the smaller breeds] as there were so many things to do during the shows, and we could always use MORE VOLUNTEERS. If your dog is in our gallery, you are welcome to copy and save the image for your own use. If you want to publish the photo go ahead;  we simply ask that you credit

The Siberian Husky Club of Greater NY, Inc.

Now lets take a look at a few more dogs.

As of showtime 2023, there were 200 recognized breeds on the AKC roster. The Cluster had numerous breeds, and we photographed as many as we could. Nearly every dog on this page was in the ring at some point; a few were not.

We make no distinction.

Every dog is a winner!

Some of the photos were taken at the Big Apple shows.

The vast majority of those dogs were also at Westbury.

No fancy titles; no long names.

Just dogs! - Your dogs!

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We come in more colors, sizes, shapes, and purposes, than you do. We can be pure bred, mixed breeds, home grown or refugees, show dogs, snow dogs, fast dogs, or slow dogs. No matter furry or bald, we are your heroes and your life companions.

Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 18-49-27 89 172 Wolf Stock Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Pho

Remember this my little one:

"We must respect our brothers and sisters,

because all dogs were once Wolves.

However, no Wolf has ever been a Dog."

Preparations for the 2023 shows began shortly after the 2022 shows ended. With a new administration, and celebrating our 100th year of All-Breed Shows, Westbury decided on a revised approach. To make it easier for exhibitors and the Clubs, Big Apple [Working Group / Sporting Group], Suffolk County Kennel Club and Westbury shared a common show site. Our new Show Committee looked for different prizes and sources for raffle baskets. A little technology got all prizes sponsored within two weeks of their announcement! It all took prep time and talent and we are proud to note that we have both. Of course, every road has it pot holes, but we successfully navigated around them too!

Diversity of Dogs has deliberately featured close-ups which emphasize the essence of the individual dogs rather than their overall "breed" appearances. Whether the leads are visible or not, ALL dogs are safely on leash. Our candids, though edited in some cases, are just that - "grab shots" of whatever was going on at the time. Our photos are informal and best of all, fun. Westbury hopes that they bring back pleasant memories for you and your dogs.

The 2024 shows are slated for focused planning right after the first of the year. Ideas are already floating about, and have been since mid-October! How ever this year turns out, we hope to see you in the Fall.

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